Half of a pair of running shoes for a Half Marathon

A couple of months back (April, 2013) my brother decided to run the Half Marathon in Budapest, Hungary which took place on the Margaret Island . He is not a professional athlete tho he's "in" in so many activities I can't keep track of them. He was training for approx (?) a year and for just the experience and testing himself he did it!2 hours 17 minutes and 40 seconds it took for him from start to finish! I'm very proud of him -I can't run to save my life-  so I decided for his nameday present I'd make him a running shoe. Just one for the half of the marathon...when he decides to run the other half of it too I'll make him the other half of the pair! [ I'm cheeky :D ]

So, here it is... a simple black-two shades of gray-blue and white "Nike" running shoe all laced up and ready for the running track! 


I manipulated the SVGCuts Summer Holidays Boat-shoe cut-file (not enough tho for a real running shoe appearance eg. I forgot to take out the circles from the trim on the heel) and just added the Nike emblem in black. I spelled in Hungarian half marathon and put the letters on the backside making this running shoe a memorabilia of that achievement.

Go Bro! :D

Thank you for your company! See you in the next project!