A recap of Christmas 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I left you with promises of more to come but I - as I suspect everybody- got caught in Christmas preparations, which means I was diligently working on the "more" part just haven't got any time to post it! I need to work on my time management this year...

Then January came...and went while I was sick. Winter in Greece is cheeky; the sun is out but it's windy so in the shade you're cold, in the sun you're hot. Getting sick? -Absolutely inevitable.

But that's all behind us now (for good I hope, at least for this year) and we can concentrate on lovelier things... like crafting!

So, the projects I didn't get to show you last time include treats I made for my daughters' classmates and teachers. There were chocolate-spoons (for stirring in milk), chocolate bars in snowman-disguise and Christmas inspired, spicy loose-tea mixes for cold nights to come.

My older daughter even composed a song for the chocolate milk spoons:


Rudolf, the red nose reindeer has a very shiny nose,

and if you sing together Rudolf's antlers'll jingle more.

Then at midnight Christmas Eve, Santa came to say,

Rudolf, give those kids some treat chocolate-spoon in milk to drink.

All of the kids love Rudi and everyone is so happy,

Mister, go play a song so everybody can sing along.



Kids and teachers equally enjoyed the treats.


Still in December I was asked to make "some things" for a Christmas bazaar/fair of a school.  As they left it to me to decide what I wanted to "exhibit" I came up with both easy and simple projects and impressive (IMHO) ones too.

Two books {onetwo} that open in a different way, two sleighs, several hanging Christmas-tree decorations,  two containers; one in a snow owl form, the other in an evergreen form. Both open and can hold little sweets or other treats, gifts.

Last but not least there was the Nutcracker with his soldiers. The Nutcracker is a centerpiece {file from here}  (for decorating purposes, doesn't open) but his soldiers {free file from here} can hold a lot of candies if you wish! (I just didn't want to take a pic of a beheaded soldier...)


I left the best for the end.

There was a Christmas challenge over atSVGCutsFB page during the months of Nov and Dec of last year. The challenge was simple; the participants had to create something  Christmas-y/ wintery with SVGCuts cutting files. There were a lot of entries and the DT was "forced" to choose the three best. The thing with SVGCuts is that participating in their challenges simply means you'll win in any case! However, the three chosen projects win just a little bit more...

Without further ado, let me proudly tell you I was the third place winner which just made  my day...month, probably even year! I titled my project: Snowman taking a stroll with his lantern lighting his way in a field of poinsettias and wintergreen. (I increased the size of the snowman and decreased the size of the lantern by 50% both.)

He is a happy snowman with a pearly smile! 


I worked on this project for several days tho the cutting/gluing part wasn't difficult (SVGCuts provides assembly videos on YouTube-they're that awesome!) but the detail work with inking, spraying, dressing up the greens with glitter etc. takes a lot of time.  But it was soooooo worth in the end! (not just because I placed third but cos everybody who saw this centerpiece was in awe...and I immensely enjoyed the work with it!) Here are some details from up close.


I hope I didn't disappoint.

Thanks for visiting me here and I'll be back soon as I'm working on a party right now and then Easter is coming...

See you soon!