Welcome ... version 2.

Five years ago I had an idea. I started a blog... and waited for the miracle to happen, on its own. Well - it didn't. Nothing "kinda "about it.

Although, me writing blog posts about my paper-crafting projects, documenting and displaying them did me a ton of good in the English language department (after all, English is NOT my native tongue) and made me proud when friends and acquaintances oh-ed and aw-ed seeing them on pictures and in real life, tho it wasn't enough (of course) to mesmerize the good people of the world wide web and “charm” hard-earned cash from them for the «delight» of owning one of my unique creations.

While many contributing factors to owning a successful business were out of my control, I, myself was not ready that time, for the commitment it would take to bring my idea to fruition. My mojo of post-writing went downhill tho I was still crafting; with two teenagers at home, my mind was everywhere but on building and evolving my blog... and then... the turning point...




They say words can raise us up or put us down - and it's so true. That conversation, the friendly banter, and encouragement made me revisit my idea and really think about what it'll take to realize it the best way I can. So, I applied to the Center of Applied Arts school to study Event -planning and Decorating,  did my research on website platforms and the ways you can build a functional but beautiful and exciting website (that's still an on-going project!), I learned new techniques to broaden my crafting abilities (though beautiful, scrapbook papers will always be my No.1 ), participated in webinars and educational video series about business strategy and marketing, and now I'm at the point where learning and implementing the legalities of establishing a business is my main goal.

I have not stopped crafting all this time and a blog post is on the drafting table about that but I did take off almost two months this summer, where I wasn't even near my beloved crafting supplies (have to tell you it was painful at times). Now, my goal for the blog is to document the milestones in creating this business, provide you with useful information and to give behind the scene sneak peeks about the upcoming product lines so you can purchase and use at your parties or home decor and/or give as gifts. I'd like to extend my services in the near future to be able to accept custom orders and the ultimate goal of the future is to offer event planning and coordinating services in Greece, including but not limited to destination weddings, and civil, non-denominational ceremonies for the LGBT community.

This will be a new and better start of what I've tried to do a couple of years ago but this time with education, real effort and real work, determination and a lot of encouragement to back me up. Even if it goes excruciatingly slowly at first your support means the world to me. If you'd like to help me build my "empire" strong and high, you'd want to click the button below and trust me with your email address and even spread the word about me, because, without beautiful people to appreciate beautiful projects, we ain't going nowhere. My mission - and I choose to accept it - is to offer quality over quantity because

Quality is never an accident;
it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution;
it represents the wise choice of many alternatives
— William E. Foster

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Thank You for spending a little of your free time with me, I really appreciate it!

Greetings from your very own fairy,