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Last time I wrote about what we were up to in event planning and decorating school it was March. We just completed all the individual parts a Greek-orthodox baptism needs, namely the baptism boxes, bonbonieres, martyrika, lambada (candle) and accessories. I was excited about the next segment... which was party decorations! It's still my favorite project to do, because it's so adaptable to anybody's needs and wishes, you can do absolutely anything! I knew from the beginning this would be a major part of my future business so I wanted to soak up every piece of knowledge there was. Unfortunately, we didn't have a project to make but there was theory and behind-the-scene "stuff" to learn about this exciting topic (like how to choose a party theme, the etiquette of parties and even time management and safety concerns).

So… we have covered baptism events, party events and now it was time to dig into wedding events. Organizational aspects, flowers, special wishes, even how to compose and group the individual elements into a harmonious and balanced result that is pleasing for the eye.

We were given an assignment to create a wedding table centerpiece. I chose to make a «miniature» (approx. 10 inches, or 20-21 cm in height) wedding gown, from paper of course. If you ask me, it’s beautiful on its own but is not suited to be a centerpiece for a wedding table. As a part of a composition tho…

Handmade paper wedding gown - centerpiece

Handmade paper wedding gown - centerpiece

This strapless gown is made from the FIRST EDITION Gilded Winter premium paper pack and needed little to no decoration (if we exclude the scraps of lace I used in-between layers). So, as part of a composition, I placed my gown in the middle of a round mirror, surrounded it with LED tealights, white beads and clear and gold strass. I also made a table number to complete the set-up.

I did not take a picture of the original set-up so I had to recreate it (unfortunately didn’t have a free-standing mirror on hand). Doing it again made me realize that I could have done better. Instead of only tealights I could have placed real candle and/or votive in hurricane glasses (to protect the paper from catching on fire) to surround my gown. It could have given me different heights, different widths, even different colors, like gold and cream to mach the gown. Or I could have used a green garland (if the wedding theme and other decorations allowed it).

As I see it, this composition making process is an on-going and ever-lasting learning process and tho it has a few rules nothing is written in stone and as a wedding planner/decorator I need to keep in mind what the client wants and likes so the gap between vision and reality is the smallest possible.

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