Valentine's Day

In my quest for the true meaning and real story behind Valentine’s day I came upon numerous articles and blog posts that recount the story of a Christian priest named Valentine , the Lupercalia , the Roman Emperor Claudius Gothicus II and a blind girl who happened to be a jailer’s daughter. The only safe conclusion to these stories is that the way we celebrate this day has nothing to do with St. Valentine himself or the reason he was martyred for.

Nowadays, when you hear about Valentine’s Day, you either

  • roll your eyes and think to yourself that it’s just a clever contrivance for businesses to sell flowers, chocolates or sweet treats, jewelry and cards,


  • smile wistfully and organize an intimate get-together for two with aforementioned gifts in advance or even last minute.

There are pros and cons for each approach and we’re not here to judge; but to showcase some clever ideas for cards, treat packaging and tags that may accompany your gifts and flowers to your loved one if you choose to celebrate. As is common practice (particularly in the US) to give out school-Valentines, we have some ideas for that, too. And lastly, for those who go all out there are some decoration ideas for the home, too.

If you choose to celebrate the day, please, have in mind that men and women in relationships have some different expectations for Valentine's Day plans. Some would prefer doing something low-key (like ordering in and/or watching a movie aka Netflix and chill) but others would rather have a romantic dinner for two at a nice restaurant, all dolled up. Gift giving and Valentine’s day plans aren’t about following trends or what others are doing but about finding a way to delight your partner in any and every way.

If the 14th of February finds you “alone”, please consider celebrating yourself with a «ME PARTY»

And if this day is just another one of the 365 days of 2019, have a great Thursday!

(you still believe in fairies though, right? Right.)

Well then… greetings from your very own fairy,

Tünde - Nefeli