The end thus serves the beginning

Thus far in the course we concentrated on event decorating techniques and the logistics of those events. Making our love and skills of decorating and crafting into a successful business is another "cake" entirely! Establishing, marketing, advertising said business has its own "art". If you try learning the very concentrated and simplified version of each aspect of having and working your own business, in the best case scenario you end up having so many information in your head it will be some time before you can sort things out. Writing my Business Plan was a great opportunity to learn that doing everything at once is impossible and NOT the real goal!

As you always start at square one - with the finale in your mind - you need a step-by-step approach in accomplishing smaller goals that will make up the whole picture, eventually. 

And just like that, my time at the Event planning and Decorating course has come to an end. As a final project we were given as inspiration the «ballerina-themed» paintings of Edgar Degas and a list of possible assignments to choose from. I decided to prepare a collection of gift-packaging for kids who attend (often times tiring and boring for them) wedding events. This final project had to have a practical presentation, namely the items in the collection, and a business presentation (in written form) with descriptions of the products, market research, advertising, costing, etc. and photos. I named my final project: Woodland Fairy Collection. This collection, differs from the others because it becomes a functional part of the decoration and enriches it while integrating the children in an event for adults.

A year spent learning about the industry of event planning and decorating is a win in and of itself. What crossed the «t» and dotted the «i» though, was evolving as a person and hopefully, as a future creative business owner among like-minded people. With this knowledge and the skills I developed through the years of crafting I aim to offer my hand-crafted products and services for your dreams to become memories.

Thank you for spending time with me - I always appreciate it.

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Your very own fairy,