Holiday Series 2018 - New Year's Charms (Gouri)

Charms are decorative objects made of various materials that are believed to bring fortune and protect their owner.

Charms were used as symbols of faith and fortune. Having them in the house or carrying them is an ancient practice that is found in all major cultures. Ancient Greeks before moving into a new house, broke a pomegranate on the threshold for it to bring prosperity, which we do even nowadays. So, the pomegranate became a symbol of abundance and good fortune. Ancient Greeks believed that every charm must be constructed with care and harmony to attract the good forces which they represent.

The most common charms are shaped like α pomegranate, horseshoe, boat, key, or a four-leaf clover, each with their own meanings and history.

  • the pomegranate is a symbol of fertility, abundance, good fortune and eternity

  • the symbolism of the horseshoe is the power, happiness and protection from the evil eye.

  • the boat symbolizes a new “cruise” of people in life

  • the key is considered a good-luck charm, because it symbolizes the means we will use to open the doors that will lead us to happiness

  • Four-leaf clovers symbolize glory, wealth, love and health and bring luck.

Apart from the above, the olive tree, the tree of life, the eye, or a house are also considered to be symbols of good fortune, happiness, health and love.

Pomegranate charm

Deer charm

Heart charm

These were some of my charms for 2018. As you can see I was discovering the metal sheet and all its possibilities. Some shapes are cut and dry-embossed, others are cut and heat-embossed or etched, stippled, or engraved. Then again, others were “left alone” with just the year charm and tiny bells hanging on ribbons.

Most charms are designs that can be hanged over or by the entrance-door but there are also charms that can be incorporated into a necklace or bracelet. They can be simple or even very clever, to resemble the numbers of the year in a new shape.

Dimiourgiki Gonia 2018

Othisi 2016

Even if some might argue or dispute the charms’ traditional meaning, we still offer them with the advent of the new year to our loved ones as a gift to wish symbolically good fortune, love, health, development, positivity and strength for the new year that comes.

Fairy Alchemy Events wishes you the very same in hopes You get to meet new people, enjoy new adventures, create new memories and dream up your next celebratory event. FAE will be right beside you if you need assistance transforming those dreams into memories.

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