Holiday Series 2018 - Favors for a Christmas Party

Giving a favor to party guests is a thoughtful practice, but it’s certainly not ever required. They are intended to serve as

  • a token of gratitude to your guests for attending your party and

  • a tangible memory to take home.

Party favors have become relatively commonplace, and they have also become more creative and at times more expensive. It is, however, not necessary to spend a lot of money on party favors regardless of the trend. A party favor is not supposed to be an even exchange of gifts, such as a gift in return for a birthday gift with the same expenditure. The phrase "it's the thought that counts" applies in this situation.

(In fact, in recent years and at big events, some hosts have made a charitable donation in the name of all guests in place of an actual item for each guest. Each guest receives a card of notification that a gift was made in their name.)

Examples for relatively inexpensive party favors:

for adults

  • a piece of gourmet chocolate, high-quality tea bags,

  • a small potted herb,

  • a photo of the guest taken at the event,

  • mini bottle Champagne or vine,

  • a nice pocket-size hand cream, bath-bombs, etc.


for kids

  • cupcakes, home-baked cookies,

  • soap bubble

  • coloring set (crayon or color pencils with coloring book)

  • puzzle

  • play dough,

  • stickers etc.

The pictures below show additional favor and packaging ideas. Some were made for non-christmas parties but all can be adapted to the theme, actually to any theme or color palette.

The best way to save money on favors is to plan them well ahead of the party. Doing so gives you time to shop around for the best deals and time to be creative if you opt to make the favors yourself. You can stuff your favor-items in a paper-bag or cloth-pouch and tie it with a ribbon OR browse through FAE’s range of packaging products (coming soon!) that you can customize to your liking and coordinate your favors and the packaging with the party theme, the colors, etc. than your guests will feel thanked, treated and leave the party with the best impressions!

Thank you, once again, for joining me at the «Holiday Series - 2018» blog post series!

Stay tuned to next week’s post - the last post in this series for 2018.

Your very own fairy,

Tünde - Nefeli