«Create a Memorable Event» Series - Develop a Vision

In the previous section of the "Create a Memorable Event" series we have defined the "Key Components" of an event. Now we can analyze in depth each step we’ll make in order to achieve the result we desire.

Photo by  Lisa Sulzer  on  Unsplash

Photo by Lisa Sulzer on Unsplash

As every journey begins with the first step, each event starts with a "picture" you have envisioned, that is your vision. This vision is the foundation of your event and is more of a "collection of senses and feelings" than a particular image. What you see even with your eyes closed is what you want to convey to your attendees. Analyzing your vision will give you all the details you consider important and inspire you for the final image of the event.

But there are cases where this vision is not entirely clear. In this case, it is good to ask yourself:

  1. what is the purpose of my event? (an event to honor someone has a different “air” from a bachelor party!)

  2. what budget do I have? (as much as we may envision a Ferrari-level event, a Fiat-level budget will not allow us the same choices!

  3. do you know quite well the honored person? (many of the details of an event are based on personal taste - theme, color palette, food and drinks, etc.)

Photo by  Daniele Riggi  on  Unsplash

We could say that the analysis and development of your vision is a strategic planning process. It is intended to determine the direction and implement the decisions. The more complex your event is (such as a wedding or a baptism), the more difficult it is to analyze and develop a vision, so the help and expertise of an event planner would be beneficial or even needed! However, not all events are that complicated, so with the help of friends and family and following the steps of the series "CREATE A MEMORABLE EVENT" will make the planning process easier.

From your analysis (use the concept of a vision board) you will find the style, the color combinations, the decoration and all the details of the event. There will be variations and fluctuations in your event planning vision (both in- and outside of your control) - so it is important to be flexible in your choices without sacrificing your vision! Your vision will be affected by

  1. your expectations (and often these are influenced by the expectations of those around you)

  2. the market research you will do

  3. how organized you are,

  4. your character and your ability to handle twists and turns from unpredictable situations (we can and should prepare with a Plan B!)

Analyzing and developing your vision will be the driving force behind your every decision so it is important to spend enough time on understanding your own vision! This way everything about your event will be driven by your vision!

Thank you for being with me in this part of the series too.

Next time, we’ll discuss the «tribe».

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