«Create a Memorable Event» Series - Choose your venue and date

When you’re done with the dreaded job of budgeting it’s time to go venue hunting if you’re organizing a formal event or a party you do not want to “house” at home. (For a reminder about place and date, please, refer to this post)

Before you start searching, make a list of key practicalities - these should be mandated by your event vision, so reference that frequently while you’re looking and touring.

What practicalities are we looking out for? Here are a few suggestions to get your list - brainstorming session started:

Availability - obviously this is the most important aspect (for best results you might want to begin your search even a year in advance!). Also, take into consideration the time of year the venue is open and/or available - weather conditions may dictate your choices in some aspects of the event (like: seasonal flowers, inside or outside reception, heating or cooling required etc).

Amenities - this can be as elaborate or as simple as your intended event style.

Look out for the basics, like

  • the possibility of relocating the tables/chairs under a tent or in-door if Mother-nature strikes,

  • efficient and sanitary washrooms (added bonus if there’s a changing table for mothers with babies)

  • in-house or outsourced catering

  • parking capacity with stuff

  • floor space: open or segmented

  • dance floor

  • light and sound systems

  • cleaning afterwards, trash removal

  • deposit, cancellation, and refund policies

and / or be thorough and go into details, like:

  • different style tables & chairs

  • different styles & colors linens

  • climate controlled in-door spaces

  • patio

  • Outdoor seating

  • handicapped accessible

  • bridal suite & separate Groom’s suite

  • outdoor fire pit

  • heating, if needed

  • hightop cocktail tables

  • bar

So, choosing your venue is not a simple decision but you’ll have found the “right” venue when you tick-mark these aspects:

you love it,

it is available,

you can afford it.

Try to look at this task not as a chore but as an adventure and enjoy it or if you’d rather spare yourself the anxiety, try and find a professional party planner / wedding planner who’ll take care of such tasks for you.

If you missed the beginning or just want a refresher, below you can find all the blog posts of this series.

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