Holiday Series 2018 - Christmas Party Decorating

Christmas Table Setting

Christmas is the time of year when everyday feels like a reason to get together with friends and family and party inside a cozy and warm home. To feel the holiday spirit you only need an open heart, a smile on your face, music and some festive lights, warm beverages and nibbles to snack on and your party scene is set.

To bring your party to the next level you might choose winter-y or Christmas-y colors in napkins and tablecloths, in-season fruits for cocktails and to put in baskets (a decoration in and of itself), winter-greens and berries to hang on windows and to decorate the table.

But you can go all out with the decoration for your party and enjoy your guests’ appreciation! This kind of decorating needs careful planning and strict time-management and it’s not for the faint of heart. If you’re hosting a party for a large number of people and/or not in your own space it’s better if you utilize the help of an event planner. (*hint *hint Fairy Alchemy Events is here to help you out should you need it’s services!)

If you’re hosting a gathering for friends and/or family in your home, time-management is still of great importance! You might want to reference the «Create a Memorable Event» Series here on FAE to get your priorities in order but if you’re already there (Great Job!) then you need to determine your

  1. style and

  2. budget for the decorations

and then “shop” around your home! If you’re willing to try DIY projects, you might be able to bring old things to new life with a little spray-paint, glitter, greenery etc. On the other hand, you don’t need to use only old things for less expense. There are tons of suggestions, even tutorials at your fingertips for simple but show-stopping decor, you just need to browse and choose those that fit your style! You can reuse empty wine bottles and jars, find tree branches and stumps, dry out citrus fruit slices and combine cinnamon sticks, candy canes and berry-picks, lace, burlap, battery operated tea-lights, ribbons, candles and Christmas bells, cones, fir greenery and paper shapes, like stars and snowflakes into your creations! The sky is the limit in possibilities, so before you get lost on Pinterest searching for your “newer” or “better” style, I’d suggest look at what you already have and think recycle and upcycle! It really doesn’t take much to decorate with little things that bear your personal style and you’ll be doing double the good by recycling and/or upcycling!

Of course not everybody has the time or the inclination to DIY a cohesive holiday decor for the home and/or a party. In this case you might want to go with a ready-made party pack from FAE that you can customize depending on your needs! If you are on our mailing list you can learn more on this service when it goes live! We’ll send out pre-sale notifications with discount codes only for our Subscribers!

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Holiday Series - 2018

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