Holiday Series 2018 - Christmas Ornaments

We spend a great deal of our time, thought and money on Christmas ornaments each year. Christmas ornaments have become intrinsic part of Christmas tree adornments and home decorations for hundreds of years but no, we’re not going to delve into the history of ornaments.

Nowadays, the variety of shapes, materials, the origin, the meaning (etc.) of ornaments is astounding. On one hand, ornaments are mass-produced from lower quality materials but in popular shapes for cheep; on the other hand, there are the various, high quality materials, meaningful and/or purposeful, often times handcrafted ornaments that are not cheep but worth every penny you spend on them. Of course, every ornament isn’t necessarily one or the other “category“, there is plenty of in-between space for all kinds of ornaments, so

let’s just focus on what FAE knows best and that is a handcrafted ornament from scrapbooking paper that is beautiful, unique, harmonious, light in weight for any tree (or branch), can be a gift in and of itself, moreover, it can hold a gift inside and it is decorative and useful even after Christmas is over.

A couple years back my color combo for the holiday season was inspired by the various shades of frosted blue and wine colors. As accent colors I used white and silver and to keep it down to Earth I completed the color palette with the brown of the tree branches and pine cones. These colors showed up really nice on the green of the Christmas tree and weren’t too overwhelming because the size of each ornament did not exceed the 5 inches (12-13 cm). At night, fairy-lights reflected on the silver and white glitter of the ornaments and the whole Christmas tree was emanating light from within.

  1. The 3D oval Ornament is ideal for kid’s craft because it’s so simple to make

  2. The Hanging Christmas Tree Ornament has a little bell on the inside so when it is nudged, it makes a sweet sound (also it has a bottom which transform it into a gifting box if desired)

  3. The Bonbon Ornament is a popular shape because it’s not only decorative on a tree but hides a little treat on the inside as a bonus

  4. The Small Lantern Ornament wasn’t always so small but even just at 4 and half inches it carries a LED tealight and actually has a door that opens so you can switch the tealight on and off!

  5. The Large Bauble Ornament is approx. 4+ inches tall and wide, so it’s of substantial volume and it isn’t lost on a tree

  6. The Star Ornament is also three-dimensional, it wasn’t meant to be the crown-decor (top-piece) of the Christmas tree but in a larger size even that is possible. It’s music theme is a clear reference to the Christmas songs, carols of the season.

1. 3D Oval Ornament

4. Small Lantern Ornament

2. Hanging Christmas Tree Ornament

5. Large Bauble Ornament

3. Bonbon ornament

6. Star Ornament (music themed)


This year, I think I’m going with a more neutral color combination of whites, golds and tans/browns and this might be the year that I challenge myself to come up with new, maybe even personalized shapes for Christmas ornaments.

I’d be happy to hear from your color combination for this year’s Christmas tree. Will you go with the traditional colors (that are a true representation of childhood Christmases) or something new to you and/or your family. In any case, if you and your family are together you’re on your way to celebrate an awesome holiday season!

Thank you for keeping me company, see you soon!

Your very own fairy