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The period before Christmas is my favorite. All the anticipation, the preparations... it's Christmas music playing everywhere, my whole house smells of cinnamon, cranberries, and citrus fruits, and it's cold, oh-so-cold with a bright sun...just the best!

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Christmas bazaar

December is just around the corner which brings the culmination of the holiday season into focus. Store windows are decked with Christmas decorations, pastry shops fill the air with scents of seasonal sweets, the weather seems to catch up to its norm (in Athens/Greece the weather was uncharacteristically mild for November), radio stations have Christmas songs on a loop and  full-force preparations are being made in every home.

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Pinspired cards

Christmas crafting for me is always... for lack of better word, personal. Everything I make, I make it with somebody in mind. It's not the case this time around.

I was browsing Pinterest for new ideas and tho card making is not my forte I was mesmerized by designs, colours and versatility. I've found greeting cards from oh-so-simple-yet-beautiful, to magnificently layered and complicated, and everything in between.

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Lampada - Easter candle

Being a Godmother is "all" about spoiling rotten the Godchildren - or at least it is for me as I am so very far from them. With my hubby, we're lucky enough to have three Godchildren, two girls and a boy, siblings. At Easter time - which in Greece is the most celebrated holiday and this year it's on the 12th of April - tradition wants Godparents buying special, decorated candles for the children to take to midnight mass on Saturday so they can lit it with the New Light. The church's courtyard fills up with people holding tall candles in hand and painted red eggs to "toast" when the celebratory "He's Risen" sounds.

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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

My favorite time of the year...and I'm sure I'm not alone with this feeling. I have so many ideas, goals for this holiday season that I feel I'm already behind. Gifts, cards, tags, decoration for the wreath, garland, the swag for the front door and of course the Christmas tree! 

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Being back feels great!

Many projects in the making for Christmas, as in all kinds of treat-boxes, hanging and free-standing ornaments, centerpieces and home-decor to brighten up the gloomy days. Also all through Spring/Summer/Fall I was making gifts for birthdays and other occasions, like the graduation cap box I made for my darling "Little Sister's" graduation from the University

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