Armoire and Purse

This armoir and purse was made for my 15 year old goddaughter's birthday back in March. It measures approx. 5x8 inches and the two drawers measure 3.8x4.1.  The way it is structured it's a sturdy construction and each drawer can hold articles up to 3-400 grams safely. 

Unfortunately I don't remember what paper I used but I'm quite sure it was from  a Bo Bunny collection. (I do have an inclination for using Bo Bunny papers! I buy them, spread them on the table, caress them, sigh over how beautiful and coordinating in color they are for a couple of days and then I cut them up and hold my breath until the project is all completed! Yep, I'm weird!).


The coordinating purse  is a sweet little decorative element from the same paper collection, about half the size of the armoir with it's handle down. It closes with velcro under the flower and can be used for storing keepsakes  and whatnot (teenage girls have lots of itty bitty treasures after all) . 


All files I used are from SVGCuts from the Amelie's Accessories kit. (the file also contains an Eiffel Tower box)

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